As 2022 draws to a close, we take a look back at some of the top episodes of Season 1. These episodes stand out for different reasons. Maybe they were the most informative. Maybe we laughed more. Maybe the topic was a personal passion. But no matter why each episode was selected, listeners will no doubt enjoy looking back at the episodes we selected as the best of Season 1. Here are links to the episodes we discuss today:

Scott Kimberly (ESQUIRE) joined the podcast in

Episode 27 talks about pets and the law. We learned in this episode that the law views our pets as little different than a lamp or couch. Scott used the phrase “that depends” several times and Stephen shared that he has a mugshot from an arrest in Nashville.

Few things are as difficult for a pet owner as making the decision to euthanize a pet. Rebecca Rose thoughtfully walks our listeners through this process in Episode 28. This episode stands out for the emotional resonance of the topic. If your dog has allergies, Dr. Nunnery’s visit on Episode 20 certainly hit close to home. She discusses allergy testing and trials to identify the allergy(s) as well as the medications and supplements to treat them. Learning the signs that your pet may be in pain is key to treating and alleviating that pain. That’s why it was so great to have Dr. Tamara Grubb provide some key indicators in Episode 35. Michael is particularly passionate about the topic of heartworm prevention. It is a personal mission of his that EVERY pet is protected against this debilitating condition. So of course we included our talk about heartworms in Episode 18 with future doctor Elizabeth Whitt. There aren’t enough mea culpas to go around for taking so long to have a cat-centric episode on the podcast. Thankfully, Pam Johnson-Bennett made up for our delay by providing the content to one of the best episodes of the season in Episode 21.

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