Let's partner on your pet's health.

Client Rights & Responsibilities

Client Rights

As a client of Family Pet Health, you have the right:

1. Core Values

To ExPECT a veterinary visit that incorporates our core values of Experience, Positivity, Education, Connection, and Trust.

2. Respect

To be treated with consideration, respect, and compassion by all team members of Family Pet Health.

3. Credentialed Team

To receive care for your pet from appropriately licensed and credentialed team members, including veterinarians, technicians, assistants, and students in a Fear Free™ environment.

4. Informed Participation
To be an active, engaged and informed participant in the care and treatment of your pet.
5. Education
To feel empowered to make the best care decisions for your pet from a place of education, information, and knowledge.
6. Care Plans

To be informed of the costs of services we provide in advance of them being performed and to approve and/or decline services at your discretion.

7. Accommodations

To be provided with reasonable accommodations to afford access if you have any disabilities or limited English language proficiencies.

8. Timely

To receive fair, timely, and objective review of any concern or complaint you have regarding your experiences with Family Pet Health.

Client Responsibilities

As a client of Family Pet Health, you are responsible for:

1. Healthy Habits
Being the hero of your pet’s healthcare journey by ensuring healthy habits of exercise, proper diet, routine preventative care, and vaccinations.
2. Respect
Showing respect to others, including the veterinary, support, and management team at Family Pet Health as well as other clients and patients.
3. Communication
Clearly communicating your wants and needs before, during, and after an appointment.
4. Operational Procedures
Abiding by administrative and operational procedures, including Fear Free™ principles, leashing requirements, appointment scheduling, and prescription refill requests.
5. Understanding

Reading and understanding any consent forms and care plans that you sign and to ask the FPH team for clarification when you do not understand medical terms or instructions about your pet’s plan of care.

6. Collaboration
Working collaboratively with providers to develop and carry out agreed-upon treatment plans for your pet, including any necessary follow-up visits and at-home care.
7. Financial Obligations
Honoring your financial obligations and abiding by the payment policies agreed to when your pet receives care.
8. Feedback
Using the appropriate client feedback processes to address any concerns that may arise from your experience with Family Pet Health.