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Imagine a job where everyone is excited to come to work every day — a place built on the philosophy that you have to take care of the team so the team can take care of the patients. If you’ve ever worried that a positive work environment just doesn’t exist in veterinary medicine these days, we have some great news for you! The mission of Family Pet Health is to respond to the needs of family pets in a positive environment. The positive environment pertains to our patients, clients, and team members. That is why we offer flexible scheduling, competitive pay, and a healthy work-life balance free of after-hours or weekend calls — all in a Fear Free Certified Practice. If you strive to be part of a practice that emphasizes the wellbeing and personal development of team members, and you desire to make a difference in the lives of pets, pet parents, and members of the veterinary profession, we encourage you to apply to join the Family Pet Health team!

Associate Veterinarian
We’re looking for veterinarians who want to practice medicine a little differently. If you like working with teams, establishing lasting client relationships and educating your community about veterinary medicine, then Family Pet Health is the place for you. The inside of a veterinary hospital can be a stressful environment – for patients, clients and veterinary professionals. This stress leads to poor health outcomes for all involved. The mission of Family Pet Health is to respond to the needs of family pets in a positive environment. For the veterinarian, a positive environment provides a defense against burnout, enhances job satisfaction, increases trust with teammates and improves patient care. As a Fear Free certified practice, we are looking for veterinarians that are committed to their patients’ mental well being as well as their physical well being. We are looking for doctors who want to help positively change the veterinary industry starting in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. If you are interested in talking to us about our team’s approach to veterinary medicine that places a high value on performance and accountability, give us a call or send us an email.
Licensed Veterinary Technician
Tired of feeling underutilized and underappreciated? There is a better way. At Family Pet Health, we believe in the value of the LVMT credential and we empower our licensed technicians to put their training to work in a Fear Free environment that embraces education and growth. Our doctors trust our LVMTs with patient care, leverage their training and experience to provide the highest level of veterinary medicine to our patients and invest in their ongoing growth and development as medical professionals. When you join Family Pet Health as an LVMT, you can expect to join a team that will equip you with resources necessary to put your training to work. Please reach out to us via phone or email if you think you have skills that would help improve our team and reach our goal of changing the veterinary profession.
Veterinary Assistant
Many of the greatest career veterinary team members got their start as veterinary assistants. We’re excited to welcome enthusiastic animal lovers to the vet world and are ready to teach you so you can grow in the field. At Family Pet Health, we value our veterinary assistants and depend on them to help our team complete our mission of responding to the needs of family pets in a positive environment. We emphasize education within our hospital and offer tuition assistance and flexible scheduling for those going to school to become a licensed veterinary medical technician. For those without any experience within the veterinary industry, our veterinary assistant positions are a great way to gain valuable skills under the guidance of veterinarians and LVMTs with a strong commitment to teaching. A positive attitude and drive to serve are required of any veterinary assistant candidate at Family Pet Health. If you believe that you have what it takes to join our team, please call or email us to apply.
DVM and LVMT Student Externships
An externship is more than just a box you check on your CV. It’s an opportunity to flex your muscles for the first time in a supportive, caring environment. At Family Pet Health, we understand this is an exciting and sometimes intimidating time, and we’re committed to giving our externs the experience they need in an environment that fosters growth and learning. We are committed to providing opportunities for DVM and LVMT candidates to grow in their technical and interpersonal skills so that they feel better prepared to serve their patients upon graduation. Our team of veterinarians and licensed technicians have a passion for teaching and mentoring the next generation of veterinary professionals. We believe that giving back to students will allow us to effect positive change within the veterinary industry far beyond the walls of our hospital. If you want to learn in an environment that will place a priority on your education and growth, call or email us to see if we have availability during your rotation schedule.
Customer Service Representative
CSRs at Family Pet Health are like air traffic controllers ensuring that patient/client arrivals and departures proceed smoothly all while answering phones and transferring communications to the relevant parties within the clinic. It can appear like chaos to others but a good CSR can make sense of the many moving parts and create an effective and efficient workflow for everyone involved. A GREAT CSR can do all of this with patience, empathy and passion. Our team recognizes the value of our CSRs and offers flexible scheduling, opportunities to cross-train and encouragement to drive client connections through regular communication. If you excel at helping clients and want to join a team that does too, we invite you to call or email us to apply.
High School Student Job Shadow/Internship
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