Our pets can suffer from arthritis, just like their human owners. For years, the only treatment has been non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS.) However, two drugs have recently been approved by the FDA for our pets.

Here are links to information we talked about today:

  • Listen to Dr. Tamara Grubb’s first visit to The Family Pet Podcast in Episode 35
  • This explainer from the Cleveland Clinic explains monoclonal antibodies in human medicine and is a good insight into what the future might hold for pet medicine
  • Dog owners can learn about Librela
  • Cat owners can learn about Solensia

Zoetis announced the U.S. commercial launch of Librela (bedinvetmab injection), which the company says is the first and only anti-NGF monoclonal antibody treatment to control canine osteoarthritis pain. The product in May received approval from the FDA.

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