Ep. 52 – Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus 2 one year laterDr. Amanda Jones joins the podcast to give an update on Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus 2 (RHDV2). She is the owner of Central Texas Rabbit Herd Management in Killeen, Texas and an associate veterinarian for Animal Emergency Services of Killeen. Dr. Jones also serves as a consultant for Medgene Labs, the maker of the only USDA authorized vaccine in the United States.This episode marks one year of The Family Pet Podcast. We thought it fitting that we link back to our inaugural episode as we review the progress made against RHDV2.Here are links to information we talked about today:You can learn more about the RHDV2 vaccine at the Medgene Labs website. If you live in Tennessee, the Department of Agriculture has a list of RHDV2 Approved Vets. Join the North Americans RHDV2 Group at their Facebook page. Learn more about the Central Texas Rabbit Herd Management at their Facebook page.Got a question for Michael and Stephen? 

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