Dental care is an important aspect of pet healthcare, yet it can be easily overlooked. Just like humans, pets can suffer from dental problems that can lead to serious health issues if not addressed in a timely manner. As pet owners, it is our responsibility to make sure that our furry friends receive proper dental care to keep their teeth and gums healthy.

We have two experts joining the podcast today to share about veterinary dentistry. Benita Altier, LVT, VTS (Dentistry) is President-Elect of the Academy of Veterinary Dental Technicians and owner of Pawsitive Dental Education where she teaches other technicians about veterinary dentistry. Candice Spear, CVT, VTS (Dentistry) is the Past President of AVDT and shares her knowledge and passion for dentistry through lectures, wet labs, and in-clinic trainings through her company Big Sky Veterinary Dentistry Education.

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