In recent years, dog sports have become increasingly popular among pet owners and their furry companions. These activities offer a fun and engaging way for dogs to stay active and stimulated while also providing an opportunity for them to bond with their human companions. Ashton Bemis joins our podcast to talk about many of the exciting options for dog owners to engage in fun bonding activities with their canine companions. Whether your pooch is a speed merchant who enjoys chasing a flying disc or she’s a low-to-the-ground sniffer who is always on the hunt for moles, there is a dog sport for you. Here are links to the information we talked about today:

If your dog enjoys catching the Frisbee, then you should check out UpDog.

Frisbee Rob & Sailor with a 109 yd toss and catch.

The American Kennel Club can get you connected to an agility club near you.

Watch this basset hound “dominate” the agility course.

If your dog loves to jump in the pool, then Dock Diving may be your sport.

The North American Flyball Association has all of the information you need.

Just watching Flyball competition can wear you out.

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