In this episode of the Family Pet Podcast, Dr. Katelyn Marlowe discusses veterinary oncology and the similarities and differences between human and pet cancers. She explains the causes of cancer and the various ways it can be diagnosed in pets. Dr. Marlowe also explores the different treatment options available, including surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and targeted therapies. She emphasizes the importance of considering the pet’s quality of life when making treatment decisions. The episode concludes with a fun fact about contagious cancers in dogs and Tasmanian devils.


Cancer in pets is similar to cancer in humans, with some types of cancer being more common in certain species.

Diagnosing cancer in pets often involves physical examinations, blood work, imaging tests, and biopsies.

Treatment options for cancer in pets include surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and targeted therapies.

The cost of cancer treatment for pets can vary depending on the type of cancer and the chosen treatment approach.

It is important for pet owners to consider the pet’s quality of life when making treatment decisions.


00:00 Introduction

02:24 Introduction to Veterinary Oncology

04:20 Comparison of Human and Pet Cancers

06:00 Common Cancers in Animals

07:09 Understanding Cancer and its Effects

08:44 Causes of Cancer

09:00 Diagnosing Cancer in Pets

13:10 Use of AI in Cancer Diagnosis

15:50 Treatment Options for Cancer

20:26 Quality of Life Considerations

22:16 Financial Considerations

25:08 Definitions: Benign, Malignant, Metastasis, Margins, Systemic, Remission

30:47 Importance of Informed Decision-Making

32:02 Fun Fact: Contagious Cancers

34:35 Conclusion



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