In this episode of The Family Pet Podcast, we embark on an essential conversation about the controversial practice of declawing cats. Our expert guest, Dr. Nicole Moran from The Feline Medical Center of Houston, sheds light on the considerations, alternatives, and the well-being of our feline companions.

Key Points:

  1. Exploring Declawing:
    • Dr. Nicole Moran provides insights into the practice of declawing, discussing the considerations and potential impact on cats’ health and behavior.
  2. Learn More About Dr. Moran:
  3. Veterinary Hero Recognition:
    • Discover Dr. Moran’s recognition as a Veterinary Hero in DVM360.
  4. Research on Declawing:
  5. Recommended Cat Toy:
    • Dr. Moran recommends the Yeowww! Banana from Ducky World Products. Discover this catnip-filled toy for your feline friend.

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Join us in this crucial conversation with Dr. Nicole Moran as we navigate through the complexities of declawing. The provided links offer additional resources and insights. Thank you for tuning in to The Family Pet Podcast!

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