In this week’s episode of The Family Pet Podcast, we have the pleasure of hosting Dr. Michelle Evason, who delves into the fascinating concept of the veterinary “spectrum of care.” Join us as we explore the diverse facets of veterinary medicine and gain insights into providing comprehensive care for our beloved pets.

Key Points:

  1. Defining the Veterinary Spectrum of Care:
    • Dr. Evason provides a comprehensive overview of what the “spectrum of care” entails in veterinary medicine.
  2. The Continuum of Services:
    • Explore the different levels of care within the veterinary spectrum, from preventive measures to advanced medical treatments.
  3. Preventive Care and Wellness:
    • Dr. Evason emphasizes the importance of preventive care in maintaining the well-being of pets and discusses common practices in this category.
  4. Medical Interventions and Specialized Treatments:
    • Learn about the various medical interventions available within the spectrum of care, including specialized treatments for specific health conditions.
  5. Collaboration in Veterinary Medicine:
    • Dr. Evason highlights the collaborative nature of the veterinary spectrum, involving pet owners, general practitioners, and specialists.


This episode offers a deep dive into the expansive world of the veterinary “spectrum of care.” Dr. Michelle Evason’s expertise sheds light on the comprehensive approach to keeping our pets healthy and happy. Tune in to gain a better understanding of the various aspects of veterinary medicine.

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