Ep. 54 – Canine Flying Disc Sports – Show Notes

Ashton Bemis is back to educate Michael, Stephen, and all of our listeners about her favorite canine activity – disc sports. Hang tight as we jump right into the topic and run through more information than just about any previous episode.

Here are links to the information we talked about today:

UpDopSkyHoundzK9 Frisbee Toss & FetchUS Disc Dogs NationalsUFOFlying Disc Dog OpenThe QuadrupedAshley Whippet InvitationalNashVertical Disc Dogs in Middle TN


Between the recording of this episode and when it was published, Stephen and his family had to say goodbye to their beloved Gracie as she crossed the rainbow bridge. Keep the Shirley family in your thoughts and hug your pet loved one a little tighter tonight.

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