In this episode of the Family Pet Podcast, the hosts interview Michael Leung, the co-founder and chief product developer of SleepyPod, a pet carrier and safety products manufacturer. They discuss the importance of pet safety during car travel and the innovative products SleepyPod has developed to keep pets secure. They also talk about the crash testing process and the need for standardized regulations for pet products in cars.

Sleepypod Youtube Channel:
Center for Pet Safety


Pet safety during car travel is crucial to protect both the pet and the occupants of the car.

SleepyPod offers a range of innovative products, including carriers and harnesses, that are designed to keep pets secure during car travel.

The crash testing process is used to ensure that SleepyPod products meet safety standards and can withstand impact forces.

There is a need for standardized regulations for pet products in cars to ensure consistent safety measures.